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Out with the bad, in with the good...

Our 3 week whole body cleanse, along with the diet plan, is the best way to achieve optimal results  for whatever your intention is for this healing journey. The whole process of hijama aims to unclog your body of stuck, stale, sludgy blood that can become toxic over time with the accumulation of pollution entering your body from processed foods, water, air, skin products, etc...


Getting this blood out of the way makes room for the body to work more efficiently, getting nutrients and oxygen to all the cells and also making room for the body to process and release waste.

Hijama is a holistic approach that is an excellent means to attain optimum health in the quickest time, as opposed to other long-term treatments & therapies. All organs and body systems are interrelated, so if you are treating a condition, the overall health of the person will become balanced & improved even on cellular, glandular, integumentary, emotional, spiritual & psychological level.


Even one Hijama session will make a difference & a good level of health can be maintained with consistent Hijama treatments, dietary changes, hydration & oxygenation. Cupping on just the spine alone will treat many conditions as you can see from the chart below because the spine is connected to so many different organs. Whichever organ or body system you wish to treat, you can do it through the spine.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 10.34.44

This is a spiritual cleanse.


Hijama wet cupping is a traditional Islamic Religious Therapy.


We are Certified Hijama Practitioners through Hijama Nation Academy & practice with protection for clients & our business by being Licensees of the Professional Wellness Alliance.


We recommend that anyone who has never done hijama wet cupping before to go through a 3 week whole body Holistic Hijama Treatment System to get the best benefit. This blood detox cupping is aimed at a cleanse on a cellular level that may possibly eliminate chronic pain for longer & possibly completely. This is also considered a mind, body & spiritual cleanse - ideal to do when you are ready for a massive transformation and/or set new intentions.


This type of cupping is performed by making sterile scratches on the surface of the skin & then we use the cups to remove the toxic blood from your body, taking out toxins that have built up from your whole life while also improving lymph & cardiovascular circulation.


You will get your own cupping set during the first week treatment. The first session is $150 and the following two are $100 for a total of $350 for the whole 3 weeks. You would come in for 3 wet cupping sessions & follow a diet that is explained in the button below for the 21 Day Diet Plan.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 10.55.48
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 10.54.16
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 10.54.26
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 10.54.39
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