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We collaborate with mentors, healers & holistic practitioners from Desert Bloom Collective & other small businesses in our bordertown to create a unique variety of empowering commUnity events, workshops & retreats. Check out what we have going on coming up this month & contact us to travel to a city near you. We travel to cities throughout Arizona, New Mexico & California regularly so we can potentially customize events for your commUnity.

Green Beautiful Wedding Party Ceremony Invitation Instagram Post.jpg

All are welcome! Come with an open heart! We will be gathering together to pray as a diverse group of religions & backgrounds against the evils of the world. We are so powerful together. We are going to ripple our prayer to the ends of the earth together in hope that this ceremony brings inspiration to create action. 🔥Blessed to carry a ceremony from the waters of Ohlone Territory back to the deserts of Tigua Territory with the intention of nourishment. Many of us are feeling burnt out & overwhelmed with the state of the world. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we all can share together across diverse cultures, religions & backgrounds. This is a ceremony to end the evils & violence all over the world. We will share in a circle of prayer & songs together in hopes that we keep this fire alive within us as the sacred hearth of the earth. 🔥 Join us & reach out if you are interested & feeling called. ♥️ 🇵🇸If you are an activist or new to the protests & need commUnity in your screams for a #freepalestine please join us. 🍉♥️


Our Garden Plant Life is hosting a Repotting Party at Manos de Luz where all are asked to bring their plants who are ready to be moved into new homes. Passionate plant lovers & new plant parents welcome so we can learn from the wisdom of Andrea , the owner of OG Plant Life. We hope to see you there!

✨We are a collective of new & experienced birthworkers with virtual & in-person birth & death support services newly emerging interweaving❤️

Gold Minimalist Ramadan Kareem. Marhaban Ya Ramadan Your Story.jpg

✨We are a collective of new & experienced birthworkers with virtual & in-person birth & death support services newly emerging interweaving❤️ 🌈Birthworkers Without Borders @birthworkerswithoutborders is a nourishing commUnity for all femmes, females, midwives, doulas, nurses, healers, health practitioners & of course mamas. We are an exponentially expanding commUnity each month! 🌊We are making waves & sharing diverse cultures together. Creating new realities & healing deep wounds. We are collectively being transformed & reborn each time we gather. Join us if this is calling you. We are growing. 🌸See you soon!✨ If you are also healing, grieving struggling because of your community activism & witnessing of Palestine right now you are also invited to join us. We will be going over techniques for healing, health & wellness. We share stories & resources. We fill each other’s cups. 🍉🔥

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Thursday, March 28th at 6 PM, Viva Palestina, in collaboration with @aaronandgeorgesfilmcafe, will be screening the Palestinian film “5 Broken Cameras” to raise money for Palestinian aid efforts. $10 tickets will be available at the door. 5 Broken Cameras was shot almost in entirety by Palestinian farmer and filmmaker, Emad Burnat, who chronicles five years in the West Bank village of Bil’in, as they carried out weekly demonstrations against illegal land seizure and barrier building by Israeli settlers and government. The film, which follows the birth and growth of Burnat’s youngest son, is internationally acclaimed for its honest and intimate portrait of Palestinian resistance, joy, and grief.

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