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Blessings commUnity!

Take an inside tour of our healing room in El Paso, Texas...


The Free Birth 

We had a successful home birth on February 7, 2022 with a healthy baby boy. We are now back to work from maternity leave & booking appointments as usual for massages, cupping, hijama detox & birthwork!

Please call or text 915-209-2145 for scheduling.

Chris is now massaging!

We are excited to announce that Christopher has successfully completed his Massage Therapy License & is now accepting male clients for massages along with his cupping & hijama services. He is also having a special right now for portraits with his photography services for families & small business owners.


If you have any male friends or family in need of some healing or photography, please reach out to Christopher at 915-209-2145.


His professional photography website is 

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